Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Plot Thickens

I'm well aware that this is a terrible thing to say, but one of the reasons I chose veterinary medicine over human medicine is because I feel there are too many people not worth helping. Before I continue, I would like to point out how there are distinct exceptions to this, like for example this whole incident here at VT. I feel nothing but sympathy and sorrow for the families of the lost and for the injured still receiving care. Back to my original point, all I will say is look at this link about who is coming to VT to picket and protest at the funerals of the lost students.

That is all I am going to say about those people. I'm not going to speak my mind any further because that just fuels their fire.

On a different note, it was announced today how students are able to handle the completion of this semester. These are our options for being graded:
Option 1. Materials which have already been submitted for grade prior to
April 16.

Option 2. The already submitted material plus any other assigned
material which the student wishes to submit for grade. For example, you
may elect to submit assignments but not take the final examination.
Please note that in courses in which the only assessment is the final
exam, this will need to be taken.

Option 3. The material that would have been submitted for grade upon
regular completion of the course (i.e. all required material:
assignments, quizzes, exams)

So basically I have the option of just taking the grades I have at the moment for my 3 classes that are not completed and calling it quits for the semester. The vet school did make sure to point out how noone will be discriminated against in any way for taking option 1. Personally, I feel that I have emotionally recovered from the horrific events Monday enough to just power through and just finish up the semester. By next Friday, I have 2 final exams to take and a paper to write (which is already halfway finished from before the event). It is of course tempting to just throw in the flag and take an extra week of vacation, but to be completely honest, I can't morally bring myself to making that decision. After talking to a number of classmates and hearing about others, it would appear that I am one of few who have completely recovered from the situation and many of my colleagues will be opting out of the rest of their finals on correct moral ground. This concerns me greatly. Should I still be suffering from emotional unrest like so many others here? Have I become too desensitized to fully grip the situation? At the least, I can tell myself that, because of my limited clinical background prior to veterinary school, I need to take advantage of every learning oppurtunity afforded to me prior to entering my final year of school.


Dave The Game said...

Wow. Just when you think the lowest that humanity could reach, something like this comes along and it suddenly becomes a tough call...

Tyrone B. said...

On the people that are picketing...these are not true Christians, as any fool can see (even a non-Christian).

I hate that people do not seperate being religious from being Christian (I know, I know...most people would say 'its not?'). But for me personally? No.

On to the next...I say good for you! Whether you are over it or not, In my opinion your are the better man for continueing on with your studies and you have self confessed to needing this education/training.

The Foodist said...

First off, those folks are no better human beings then the trash that commited this crime and Ill leave it at that. I hope they get kicked off campus and run out of town on rails.

As for being emotional over the situation, Its fine that your "emotionaly recovered" You dont live on campus so theres a loss of the type of connection the other students are feeling. Id have to say to them its like someone broke into thier home and did this.

Its your school but to them its been thier home so it hits a little harder for them.

you shouldnt feel bad for being ready to move on, and I know you well enough to know I dont need to tell you to be sympathetic.

Blacksburg is gonna be a madhouse for a few months at this point, Im sure the school offering thier choices as far as grades also reflects the publicity that goes along with all this as well.

I guess if your ready to push on with your studies I would say talk to your professors directly and get thier advice on what you should do.

This is hell on everyone associated with VT right now, but you shouldnt feel bad for being ready at all.

Amethyst said...

This is part of the reason why I'm scared to move back to the US. I can't beleive groups like that can protest. I'd expect sane people to show up and throw tomatoes at them or something.

The O said...

I appreciate everyone's input. Things are starting to settle down here (at least I think it is), but it's still been hard having to make decisions with the chaos of last week. It is of course reassuring that there are others out there both here and internationally who feel these same way about that baptist group.

And Amethyst, I wish throwing tomatoes at them would be sufficient, but sadly, it would just strengthen them. It would seem the only way for them to revolt back to non-existence is through ignoring them. Don't get me wrong though, I'd love to through tomatoes at them ;),

Eva Whitley said...

I wonder if what did in Laramie would work at VT--if memory serves, they made a circle with their backs to the protest, so no one could see them, they could only see their counter-protest. I imagine VT could get enough people who would volunteer for that.

I can't find the link now, but I read an article online from a reporter in Topeka who documented the history of animal abuse Fred Phelps's family carried out. Some of his sons eventually were estranged from the family, but they acted out before they could leave, and one of the ways they acted out was to abuse animals. It broke my heart to read it.

Here's hoping that when their patriarch dies, their cult will fall apart of their own accord.

Lis said...

i had no idea that VMRCVM was related to

i don't know what i would do in your situation. i honestly think it would have to depend on if i knew anyone that was attacked. if that had occurred, then i would probably be such a mess that i probably wouldn't be able to continue with my studies with the amount of focus needed for vetmed.

i don't think you're morally corrupt in choosing the less popular option offered by your school. if that's how you feel, then go with your gut. it honestly comes down to you and how much you want out of your education. you're paying thousands of dollars for it, so if you feel you can function properly then go forward.

good luck on your finals!

The O said...

Eva: and to think there was no possible way I could dislike Phelps more. Animal abuse is a good way to put the icing on the cake. Fortunately, there is a group called the patriot guard who will be keeping the protesters away. They are comprised of military and ROTC folks. Also, it would appear that VA was one of the first states to pass a law preventing them from protesting within earshot of the funerals (just recently got an email about it)

Lis: you make a good point about my tuition, that never crossed my mind though it probably ahould've. I am paying a ton of money to be here so I should get the most bang for my buck. :)